James Dendinger
What Parents Need to Know About "Momo"

March 1, 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians:


I want to make you aware of the “Momo Challenge” that has recently resurfaced on the Internet and continues to be the latest viral challenge targeting children. The “Momo Challenge” centers on a disturbing character suggesting dangerous tasks for children to perform, including potentially hurting themselves or hiding for an extended period of time. This challenge has been found on apps such as Facebook, and YouTube and has found to be spliced into some YouTube Kids videos, including Fortnite and Peppa Pig. The challenge also occurs through WhatsApp, which can function on both phones and tablets.


It is recommended that you talk to your children about these kinds of challenges, in a way that you feel is appropriate for their understanding. Given the connection and concern with messages within YouTube Kids videos, we also recommend you monitor what your child is watching and screen the videos, even if they appear to be safe, to ensure their viewing does not include harmful messages.


Some reminders to consider include:


  • Become familiar with the “Momo Challenge” and talk to your children about the dangers involved and remind them that “Momo” is not real.
  • Remind your children that if they come in contact with a “Momo” video, they should tell their parents, guardian or another adult.
  • Supervise games that your children are playing.
  • Ensure that electronic devices are restricted to age-appropriate content.
  • Be mindful of videos your children are watching on YouTube or YouTube Kids.
  • Remind your children not to give out personal information online to anyone that they do not know.
  • Instruct your children not to follow the directions of inappropriate messages found on the internet.
  • Advise your children not to discuss “Momo” with their peers.  


I want you to know that TJEMS staff are aware of this trending issue, and assure you that there are security measures in place to keep students safe while using technology within Baltimore City Public Schools. Students are monitored by school staff while using technology devices, as well.


Please review the Online Safety Guide, distributed by the American School Counselors Association, by clicking on the following link:


MOMO Challenge Online Safety Guide for Parents Feb 2019


Thank you for your partnership in supporting our students and their safety.




James Dendinger