Kathryn Brown-Messaoudi (Katie)
Restaurant night

Good evening all. I just wanted to send this out so everyone can mark their calendar for the restaurant nights we have set so far. 

**April 8th Mothers on light street. This is an all day event. It is also for eat in or carry out.  So grab lunch, dinner or both. Tell them you are there for Thomas Johnson and they have agreed to give us 12.5% of all sales we have there that day!! This could be a big deal since it is all day.

**May 7th Chuck E Cheese in Glenburnie on Ritchie hwy. From 3-9 pm.

Yes we did this in Dec. But they reached out asking us to come for another one and offered us 20%.of sales. I know some parents cringe at this place. Honestly they have upgraded. We had a blast last time. And with it being a weekday we were the only ones there (our school). So the parents got to relax and chat and the kids got to run around and have fun. Teachers who show their teachers ID eat free! Honestly the food wasn't bad. They staff was also amazing. 

**May 13th  4-8pm Aj's on Hanover. Also please let them know you are there for Tj.

We have at least one more in the works, maybe two. I will keep you posted! 

Thanks again for all of your support this has been so much fun