Kelsey McCoskey
Erie Insurance Fundraiser!!

Good Day TJ families!

It’s TIME!!! Have you been waiting with bated breath wondering how you can earn the school money, while supporting a local business?! Let me tell you…


Erie Insurance (Upper Chesapeake) located on Charles Street reached out to the PTO with an AMAZING opportunity.  For each COMPLETED auto insurance quote, they will donate $20 to our PTO. You don’t have to switch insurance companies or actually speak to a live person.  It can all be done online at or email

ANYONE in Maryland can do this. Grandparents, friends, neighbors, millennials, anyone with a pulse that does not currently have Erie Auto Insurance can earn the school money. There is NO LIMIT on what we can earn!!!


A few key points:

1)Dates of the fundraiser are April 10 – April 24th.

2) This is a 2-step process (deep breath…YOU CAN DO IT). You fill out a basic form & they contact you for further information including: Name, Address, DOB, Driver’s License #, Marital status, Current Insurance company, Make & Model of car. No credit card information, SSN or first-born child required.

3)I have been assured that after you complete the quote, they will not contact you further or share your information.

4)Erie is a local company and they are looking to drum up business, that obviously is their motivation. However, they have donated over $1200 to school / neighborhood events over the past 3 years.

5)No, I do not work for Erie. Yes, I carry Erie Insurance and know other families that do.

6)Please just do it. Yes, I will be annoying.


Thank you for your support!

Kelly Sheehan